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A  Feature-Length Documentary

Hermie Rotea

GENRE: Action/Drama
LENGTH: DVD 150 Minutes
PERIOD: 1968-1986
LOCATIONS: United States, Philippines

LOGLINE: A feature documentary of a power struggle between pro-U.S. Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos and opposition leader Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. that explodes into assassination and revolution. The event catches the United States in a diplomatic dilemma and puts its foreign policy to a test. Read synopsis. 150-minute DVD video.

SYNOPSIS: The political rivalry between President Marcos and Senator Aquino Jr. reaches its boiling point in 1972 after the top opposition leader launches a Senate inquiry into a sexplosive love triangle caught on tape that involves Marcos, Hollywood actress Dovie Beams, and First Lady Imelda Marcos. Using an alleged communist plot to overthrow the government as an excuse, the president declares martial law and assumes dictatorial power. In the mass military roundup of government critics and political opponents, Aquino is the first to be arrested. He is held in solitary confinement in a military prison without charges and court trial. To call world attention to the Marcos’ oppression, Aquino goes into a hunger strike for 40 days, longer than those of Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi. Afraid that Aquino might die a martyr’s death and inflame the people against him, Marcos hastily convenes a court martial to try Aquino on framed up charges of murder and rebellion to legitimize his imprisonment. But the prisoner rejects a military kangaroo court to try him as a farce. So Marcos had him physically dragged before the military tribunal despite his weakened condition. Army officers acting as judges find Aquino guilty and sentence him to death by firing squad. He dares Marcos to execute him without further delay. But the dictator demurs, afraid of a public backlash. When Aquino’s condition worsens, in a surprise gesture Marcos even releases him for a heart operation in the United States on condition that he returns to prison after the treatment. But while in America, other exiled opposition leaders persuade Aquino not to return to prison but lead the fight to liberate the Philippines from the Marcos dictatorship. He bows to their wishes and starts attacking the tyrant in public speeches across America. Aquino declares: "A pact with the devil is no pact at all. I would rather die on my feet with honor than live on my bended knees in shame." Angered, Marcos lobbies for extradition treaty between the Philippines and the United States to force Aquino back to prison. President Reagan approves the move, but sympathetic Congress members led by Senator Edward Kennedy block the proposed extradition treaty. Later, against advice of friends and other leaders, Aquino decides to return to the Philippines. Now even Marcos and Imelda do not want him back in the country and warn him of consequences. When Aquino did sneak back, the dictator’s army assassins are waiting for him. The unfolding event electrifies the world and escalates into an unprecedented People Power Revolution of 1986. The rest is history. Based on a U.S.-exiled journalist's eyewitness account with historical perspective.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Ferdinand Magellan • Lapu Lapu • Jose Rizal • Emilio Aguinaldo • Andres Bonifacio • William McKinley • Theodore Roosevelt • George Dewey • Arthur MacArthur • Franklin Delano Roosevelt • Manuel Quezon • Manuel Roxas • Douglas MacArthur • Carlos Romulo • Jonathan Wainwright • Tomoyuki Yamashita • Chester Nimitz • Ernest Percival • Ramon Magsaysay • Edward Lansdale • Carlos Garcia • Diosdado Macapagal • Emmanuel Pelaez • Ferdinand Marcos • Imelda Marcos • Benigno Aquino Jr. • Corazon Aquino • Aurora Aquino • Manuel Manahan • Gerardo Roxas • Fidel Ramos • Juan Ponce Enrile • Cardinal Jaime Sin • Adrian Cristobal • Pope John Paul II • Mao Tse-Tung • Chou En-Lai • Fidel Castro • Leonid Brezhnev • Fabian Ver • Luther Custodio • Jose Diokno • Gil Puyat • Raul Manglapus • Jovito Salonga • Salvador Laurel • Eddie Ilarde • Eugenio Lopez Jr. • Sergio Osmena Sr. • Sergio Osmena Jr. • Sergio Osmena III • Tom Osmena • John Osmena • Ramon Bagatsing • Ben Roxas • Corazon Agrava • Richard Nixon • Lyndon Johnson • Gerald Ford • Jimmy Carter • Ronald Reagan • George H.W. Bush • George Schultz • Paul Laxalt • Richard Lugar • Ed Rollins • Stephen Bosworth • Richard Holbrooke • Jack Valenti • George Hamilton • Arthur Burger • Claude Buss • Alger Ellis • Joseph Smith • William Pomeroy • Alan Cranston • Edward Kennedy • George McGovern • Henry Jackson • John Tunney • Donald Fraser • Dovie Beams • Paul Burke • Hermie Rotea • Manuel Manahan • Luis Taruc • Joaquin "Chino" Roces • Antonio Zumel • Francisco Nemenzo • Doreen Fernandez • Francisco de Leon • Catalino Makabenta • Doroy Valencia • Jose Guevara • Calixto Fernandez • Edward de la Torre • Nestor Mata • Raoul Beloso • Ruperto Baliao • Primitivo Mijares • Virginia Mijares • Jack Anderson • Guillermo de Vegas • Trinidad Alconcel • Jose Ingles • Querube Makalintal • Jose Ma. Sison • Carmen Navarro Pedrosa •
Lino Brocka • Larry Henares Jr. • Jose Mari Velez • Ken Kashiwahara • Lupita Aquino Kashiwahara • Stephen Solarz • George Will • David Brinkley • Muhammad Ali • Joe Frazier • Edmund Brown Jr. • Steve Psinakis • Presy Psinakis • Alex Esclamado • Aquilino Pimentel • Evelio Javier • Alberto Mendoza • Narciso Manzano • Heherson Alvarez • Raul Daza • Armando Fernandez • Nelson Lavina • Kenneth Hahn • John Ferraro • Arthur Synder • Gilbert Lindsay • Michael Yamaki • Eric Aguiluz • Johnny Quijano • Eddie Monteclaro • Joseph Surek • Jess Bigornia • Feliciano Magno • Al Martinez • Danny Lamila • Victor Lovely Jr. • Jose Lauchengco Jr. • Remedios Geaga • Andrea Luna Aquino • Antonio San Jose • Rey Landero • Peter Ferrer • Jesse Opinion • Jun Reodica • Jess Trompeta • Noy Brizuela • Elmer Simbol • Billy Torres • Muni Zano • Everlita Rivera-David • Many, many more.

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