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A Screenplay
 Hermie Rotea

GENRE: Romantic Drama/Mystery
PERIOD: 1981
LOCATIONS: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara, California.

LOGLINE: A restaurant maitre d' encounters a 5-year old boy she feels was her lover in a previous life. Since then she is caught in the vortex of a power struggle between religion and medical science, and between God and the devil as she pursues the mystery of reincarnation.

SYNOPSIS: Glory in 1981 is a maitre d' at an oceanfront restaurant in Malibu, California. At 30, she is an exotic beauty with long hair flowing down her knees. Her presence commands admiring glances. One particular evening at work a couple with a boy of about five check in with her. As she escorts them to their table, the kid with sharp eyes keeps staring up at her and stumbles on the dining floor. She bends down to help him up. In appreciation, he kisses her smack on the lips that shocks his parents and other diners. The horrified couple scold him and apologize to Glory, who tells them not to worry about it. She asks the boy his name and he says Paul. That name happens to be her favorite Jesus' disciple in the Bible. She feels that the incident is providential, and that the boy Paul must be her lover in a previous life. The thought of reincarnation preoccupies her mind at work. As a result she collides with a waiter carrying a tray of food and bumps her head on a wall.
    The accident forces her to go on medical leave and file for worker's compensation.
Glory's condition deteriorates. She suffers from persistent headache and lack of sleep. Her primary physician refers her to a therapist, then to a psychologist, and finally to a psychiatrist. They all conclude that she has a psychiatric, not medical, problem. So her worker's compensation was canceled and her health insurance provider refuses to honor non-medical benefit, including Schizophrenia.
    In her desperation, Glory turns to a faith healer named Sister Evangeline who has a chapel in Los Angeles. She is known for her spiritual power to heal the sick. Glory's live-in boyfriend Michael has misgivings but reluctantly goes along.
 Sister Evangeline likes Glory and makes her assistant in her healing ritual. But later the faith healer turns jealous of her and terminates their relationship because Glory's beauty and charisma overshadow Sister Evangeline before the eyes of her flock. Now Glory feels that she can do better than Sister Evangeline as a faith healer. She believes that by healing the sick she can also heal herself. 
    So at home in Santa Monica Glory sets up her own altar in the living room, with the Virgin Mary’s image, candles and oils. After dinner she devotes herself to praying and reading the Bible, particularly Saint Paul's passages.
Her nightly ritual soon worries Michael who usually wakes up in bed during the unholy hours of midnight and dawn hearing male and female voices in the living room. Glory is talking to a Paul, who claims to be her Guardian Angel and chooses her to be his Messenger of God, endowed with the spiritual and miraculous power to heal the sick and herself. She accepts his wish as her command.
    Michael now thinks that Glory is possessed by the devil masquerading as her Guardian Angel, and has developed multiple personalities. He turns to a Catholic church in Los Angeles where they see a priest for help. But the priest merely gives them holy water to sprinkle to their house. It does not help at all. Both medical science and religion have failed them. So they are stuck with Paul, her persistent suitor masquerading as her Guardian Angel. His continued presence develops into a love triangle with a jealous Michael.
    This time Michael seeks the help of a so-called Ministry of Heaven and Earth that performs an exorcism on Glory. But it also does not help. Next Michael is referred to a Colombian woman, a noted exorcist who also exorcises Glory. Under her spell Glory drifts into normalcy and despondency. For a while her second exorcism seems successful. But soon Paul still gets in and out of Glory with his bagful of tricks. Angered, Michael finally does the unthinkable and girds for a showdown with Paul to get him out of their lives. Now Glory is caught in the vortex of a power struggle between Michael and Paul, and between God and the devil as she journeys into the mystery of reincarnation. Based on a true story.

SCREENPLAY: Available online or by mail to literary agents and film producers upon request.

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