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A Screenplay

© Hermie Rotea

GENRE: Action/Drama
PAGES: 112
PERIOD: 1968-1972
LOCATIONS: Manila, Washington, DC, Hong Kong

LOGLINE: A Hollywood actress is recruited to star in a Philippine movie based on the World War Two exploit of President Ferdinand Marcos as the local version of Audie Murphy, America’s most decorated soldier. During the filming, she becomes his mistress in a sexplosive love triangle caught on tape with First Lady Imelda Marcos. The government's worst scandal in history drags the United States into a diplomatic crisis with the Philippines with earthshaking repercussion.

SYNOPSIS: Ferdinand Marcos in 1968 is obsessed in becoming the first reelected president in Philippine history. He decides to secretly finance a movie based on his wartime exploit as a guerrilla army major for which he was allegedly awarded 27 U.S. medals, to boost his reelection chances in 1969. His business cronies form a corporation as a front and hire Paul Mason of Universal Studios in Hollywood as producer. Mason recruits actor Paul Burke to play the role of Marcos, and Hollywood B-actress Dovie Beams as his wartime sweetheart Evelyn. Supporting actors include Farley Granger and Broderick Crawford.

In no time Marcos and Dovie have an affair behind the back of First Lady Imelda Marcos. They have sexual encounters in the presidential bedroom, with chief of presidential security Col. Fabian Ver acting as guard. Unknown to Marcos, his sexual intercourse with Dovie is caught on tape in the presidential bedroom complete with giggles, moans and creaking bed – and also naked pictures.

When Imelda discovers her husband's philandering, hell breaks out. His business cronies involved in the project start abandoning ship in fear of Imelda's wrath. She calls his associates pimps and threatens them with reprisal. Marcos himself backs off and denies having an affair with Dovie. To convince Imelda, he publicly calls Dovie a whore and blackmailer.

Now Dovie's wrath is also provoked. She publicly announces that she has a tape and calls a press conference to prove that Marcos lied and to clear her name. Opposition leader Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. launches a congressional investigation of the worst presidential scandal in Philippine history. Protesters demonstrate in front of Malacañang Palace, Congress and the U.S. Embassy. They support Dovie and attack Marcos, Imelda, and the United States for cuddling them.

The controversy develops into a diplomatic crisis between the Philippines and the United States as the American Embassy puts Dovie under its protection. President Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos secretly and separately manuever to get the sex tape from Dovie – Marcos by intimidation or assassination, and Imelda by bribery or deportation. But Dovie refuses to be intimidated or bribed despite U.S. Ambassador Henry Byroade's intercession. To stop Senator Aquino from his projected Senate investigation of the presidential sex scandal, Marcos unleashes his secret ultimate weapon – martial law. The rest is history.

SCREENPLAY: Available online or by mail to literary agents and film producers upon request

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